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FY-DoS Autopilot is aimed specially at beginners willing to improve their flying skills while enjoying flight safety and ease of operation. It Integrated three-axis accelerometer ,three-axis gyroscope,three-axis magnetometer,high-accuracy barometer. It is more compact and higher stability.Firmware changing between the fixed wing and the multi-rotors can be realized by the software in our website.Here is the details for Fix-wing firmware.


DoS work alone function

    ● RC Mode- In this mode, all control of the aircraft is by the pilot. The DoS does not participate in flight control. equivalent to ordinary RC remote control

    ● Stabilized Mode - DDoS can automatically keep the level flight attitude in any weather condition. This makes operating the aerobat become very simple and easy for the beginner. When the pilots feel the plane out of control as long as stabilize the flight throttle, loosen the operating sticks, it can automatically recover to the level state.

    ● 3D Mode - Help stabilize flight attitude, will try its best to keep loosen sticks attitude flight, make the flight more smooth, easy to do all kinds of special action.

    ● Fixed Altitude And Heading Lock Flight Mode - Can lock the flight course and maintain the flight height. Loosen the operating sticks; plane can automatically keep flight course, at the same time lock flying height, automatically correct flight course deviation, and begin straight line flight. Easy to operate.

    ● Auto Return To Launch Mode(RTH)-In the Auto Return To Launch Mode, aerobat will automatically return to the course reversal point, keeping the current height, and it will hover after arriving the target point.(This requires connecting the GPS module)

    ● Auto Circling Mode-When activated in this mode, the plane will immediately fly in a circle. The centre of the circle is the point of activation.The plane will hover keeping the current height, The hovering radius can be set, and the default circle radius is 80 meters.(This requires connecting the GPS mo).

    ● GCS Software - Operator can set flight parameters, monitoring and recording flight path etc through the GCS software in the computer(This requires connecting the data radio).

    ● Flight Fencing - Can set distance when is in recerceicer remote control, if your plane goes outside the fenced area then it will auto switch to GUIDED mode

Basic Performance

  • Supported aircraft :

  1, Normal / Traditional fixed-wing planes;
  2, Delta-winged plane with rudder;
  3, Delta-winged plane without rudder;
  4, Plane without aileron;
  5, V-tail plane with aileron;
  6, V-tail plane without aileron;

  • Supported servo output: 50Hz refresh frequency
  • Recommended Transmitter: PCM or 2.4GHz with minimum 6 channels
  • Working Voltage Range: DC 4.8V~5.5V (0.15A@5V, Powered by ESC)
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
  • Assistant Software System Requirement: Windows XP sp3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8


Flight Performance

  • Navigation Accuracy : Heading:±5°, Rout deviation:±15m (GPS Mode)
  • Max Gyro Angular Velocity: 2000°/s
  • Altitude hold : ±10m



  Weight&Dimensions:DoS 25g (47×30×11mm);                    GPS 24g (32×32×13.5mm)


Monitoring flight path through GCS software






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