Lawmat 2.4 Video Transmitter

Lawmat 2.4 Video Transmitter

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The lawmate products are known throughout the world for outstanding performance and quality. This stock video  transmitter is among the most lightweight and solid solutions for modern day, long range FPV. Exceptional, crystal clear video due to high bandwidth transmission. All included accessories are plug & play and of highest quality.

Do NOT use together with 2.4GHz R/C on the same aircraft!

Technical data

Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
Power Consumption: 450mA
Output Power: 500mW
Operation Voltage: 5-5.5V
Power supply (sold separately): TBS CORE (2S - 10S) or Lawmate PSU (2S - 3S)
Antenna Connector: SMA
Weight: 10 g
Dimensions: 24 x 28 x 7 mm


  • Video transmitter
  • Lawmate "pigtail" cable
  • Swivel 3dbi "rubber duckie" antenna

Supported frequencies

CH1 2410 MHz
CH2 2430 MHz
CH3 2450 MHz
CH4 2470 MHz
CH5 2370 MHz
CH6 2390 MHz
CH7 2490 MHz
CH8 2510 MHz


The use of this video transmitter requires a HAM technician license. Please note that the use of frequencies 4 - 8 is not permitted in most countries without a single-use license.

Check local laws an regulations!

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